• Accommodation in family homes where the student lives and learns the language in an environment of integrity and family, learn the customs of the country to expand their vocabulary with words commonly used at home.

• Volunteer or social work programs, students have the opportunity to make their mark in good deeds to the country's neediest communities, these volunteer activities can be performed in children's schools, hospitals, or in conjunction with other organizations that are dedicated to giving support communities.

• Cultural Tours, by the proximity of the tourist destinations the student has the opportunity to enjoy knowing, history and nature that gives the country, visiting the Pacaya Volcano, Lake Atitlan, Mayan market in Chichicastenango, or archaeological sites such as Tikal, Iximche, Qumarkaj, Quirigua among others.

• Dance classes, dance salsa, cumbia, bachata, among otros.

• Activities deportivas, torneos of different disciplines such as el futbol, basquetbol, etc..

• Gastronomy classes, the student enjoys the taste of the typical dishes of the country in the development of Pepian, Jocon, roasted beans, salsa and guacamole, chocolate, tamales and more.

• video, documentaries, conferences.